Pray For MH370

Pray For MH370

Let's share the same round moon


This is the whole concept of PAS FOR ALL that was officiated by the Deputy President of PAS on a very special date, that is, September 11th 2007.
PARTI ISLAM SEMALAYSIA (PAS) upholds the principle of Islam as a blessing to all mankind(rahmah lil 'alamin) that is for all irrespective of race, colour, status and even religion.This is the fundamental teaching of Islam.PAS is bound by this principle and is thus easily embrace the policy of equality to all humanity and has no problems with sharing all that Allah bestowed upon a nation to all its peoples.
   This translates into governing policy that PAS will ensure all communities whether MALAYS, CHINESE, INDIANS or any other minority groups will be hand;led according to their needs not to their colour. PAS has no problem whatsoever if any race wishes to preserve and practise its language, customs or even religion.This is the real struggle of PAS which has not been understood by the masses at large.Although equipped with Harakah tabloid and its electronic version harakahdaily it is still within very limited circle of influence and reach. PAS definitely needs to strategize definitive plans for broader and deeper of understanding of its struggle.This will not only benefit PAS but all the people who long for real inclusive and principle-centred trustworthy government who can ensure security for all of its people.

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