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Pray For MH370

Compare and contrast pemimpin dua parti

The seats on the bus go 'lush lush lush'...


Sep 27: News reports by UMNO-controlled media to highlight the prime minister's people-centred attitude for choosing to board a bus during his meet-the-public tour appear to have generated the least intended results.

Utusan Melayu-owned Kosmo reported last weekend that Najib Razak and his outspoken wife Rosmah Mansor were excited with their bus trip during a one-day working visit to Perak, accompanied by Perak menteri besar Zambry Abdul Kader and wife, UMNO vice president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek.

But while the report was intended to conjur up an image of a humble prime minister shedding protocols, a picture of the bus's inside view has been creating a string of sarcastic postings and comments on the internet.

Among others, the photograph, said to be first published on NSTP-owned Berita Harian's online version, shows Najib and wife seated on a sofa fitted into the bus, flanked by Zambry and his wife.

According to the caption, the picture was taken on his way to Changkat Tin to attend a wedding.

Former PAS candidate for Sarawak's Beting Maro, Abang Ahmad Kerdi, could not help let out his reaction through Twitter:

"I feel like shedding tears when I see this photo to show that PM boards bus 'to feel the people's hardship'," he twitted.
Administrator for Kelantan menteri besar Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat's Facebook fan page also commented on the news by making a comparison between Najib's bus trip and a bus trip by Kelantan state officials in June this year.
"As Nabil says, 'lu pikirlah sendiri!' (make your own conclusion!)," says a caption quoting a popular local comedian, next to a picture showing Nik Aziz seated in a conventional bus.

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