Pray For MH370

Pray For MH370


Very smart thinking Muslims. A 40 year old man seeking "holistic" treatment from a 20 year old "healer" with the ability to "withdraw" illness from the body by beating "patients" or "subjects" to "death". What a sensational form of " disEASE" management in the 21st century, taking place in the so-called developing to developed country (depends to whom you are talking to).

To profess as a Muslim in the first instance, first and foremost, one must not be insane or mad. He or she must be able to think clearly, must not be under duress or any form of coercion when he or she says the SYAHADAH (SYAHADATAIN) or the testimony that there is no object of worship or god except ALlah and that Muhammad is His Messenger.

Well before proclaiming the SYAHADAH, ideally one should have studied about the religion. After witnessing and making the the SYAHADAH, there is no excuse whatsoever not to undertake a formal study about the religion, learning and performing the obligations of Islam go hand in hand, by and by, gradually but surely.

Somewhere along the process, among other things, a Muslim is taught what are compulsory obligations, optional deeds and things to avoid or list of not-to-do. Hopefully, he or she shall be told what words or actions that will nullify or destroy the SYAHADAH. Just like certain behaviour can make ablution (wudhu'), solat( compulsory daily prayer) and fasting to become null and void or "batal" so does the SYAHADAH.

Hence the SYAHADAH must be maintained and guarded against elements that can destroy and derail the concept of MONOTHEISM OR TAUHEED. One such element is to seek help or treatment from persons involved in black magic, having special relationship with spirits or satanic forces and invoking the help and mercy other than ALlah, the Master of the Universe, the All knowing and the All Mighty.

What happened in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur is reminiscent of paganic practice whereby evil spirits are called/invoke to enter the body of the "healer" and the spirit takes over from there. The caller or the "healer" becomes the medium and he or she totally lost control of her mind, body and soul and hence FREE to do anything including raping and killing the victims or "patients".

"Holistic" treatment kills couple

Charles Ramendran

KUALA LUMPUR : It was a tragic Hari Raya for a couple who was beaten to death after seeking holistic healing from a man at his house at the Sri Sarawak flats on Jalan San Peng late on Tuesday.

The couple, whose identity was not released by police, were unwell and had gone to the man who is in his early 20s at about 9.30pm with their three children.

It is learnt that the nature of treatment rendered by the man who is said to dabble in religious deviationist teachings was in the form of whipping and beating the man and his wife, both in their 40s, in an attempt to "draw" out their illness.

With the help of his younger brother, the man is believed to have used a stick, a piece of wood and a helmet to batter the couple and also their children.

Neighbours at the flats called the police on hearing a commotion in the suspect's house. However, when the police arrived the suspect's house, they found the couple dead and their three children injured.

Dang Wangi police chief ACP Mohd Zulkarnain Ibrahim said the suspect was arrested at the scene and is being held for the killings.

He said the suspect's brother and parents were also detained to assist in investigations.

Mohd Zulkarnain declined to comment when asked if the deaths were linked to alternative treatment through deviationist ways.

"Most importantly at this moment we are probing who killed the couple and how it happened," he said.

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