Pray For MH370

Pray For MH370

Vibrance,dynamism,realistic and truly PAS FOR ALL!!

Muktamar: A 'pass' for PAS
J. D. Lovrenciear, Kuala Lumpur   
Indeed PAS must be commended. You would never see such world-class performance within BN. Now, BN stop getting furious.

If BN turns red from ear to ear or rages with anger for the rakyat's show of respect and commendation for PAS performance at its recently concluded Assembly, it is very well understood why.

When BN meet - i.e. UMNO, MIC or MCA, we hear of fireworks and blatant cold blooded calls for race blood and race rights. It is like a broken record turned on the gramaphon of a bygone era.

But when PAS meet they remain calm, collected, civil and above all professionally political. They vote with their heads and a spirit of clear unity.

But when their opponents convene it is always crowned with war cries of crushed bones and bloodied bodies and what have you. So what can we make out of all these?

Indeed PAS gets a 'pass'. Therefore PAS must pass and PAS will pass come GE-13. Gone are the blind-folded days of the Mahathir regime where all it takes is a hatched drama of Islamic terror slammed on PAS to get the rakyat rallying behind BN.

Today Malays, Chinese, Indians and others can see without tainted and smokescreen lenses that PAS is a 'pass' all the way. It is political parties with a leadership of clear conscience that can bring defining victories for the rakyat.

PAS must however beware. A political party that is going broke on a waterry slide will do anything and everything to bring down the entire house.

This is where the rakyat have promised to remain vigilant and they will stand up to add more pass for PAS. The next big event - the BERSIH rally will be the hallmark.

To PAS: Well done and syabas. May the spirit of true democracy and civil liberties remain your propeller as you steer the rakyat to a new frontieer of hope realized with honour and dignity. Indeed you will show to the world that Islam is far from what your opponents have carved out to be.

And may you march consistently with your partners in caring for the rakyat, namely DAP and PKR.

Now BN leaders should not be angry. They can if they want to but does it matter anymore? See for yourselves what your henchmen blurt out every other day and see how PAS gets a pass today.

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