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Pray For MH370

PAS jaga kebajikan rakyat isu AES, SAMAN EKOR

PAS's AES complaints booth proved a hit

Harakahdaily, 21 November 2012
Nov 21: Hours after it opened today, some 100 people visited a complaints booth set up by PAS's Anti Postal Summons Campaign (KASE) at the party's headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, armed with copies of their traffic summonses.

Set up in collaboration with PAS Youth's Law and Human Rights Department (Juham), the counter hopes to help those who have been slapped with summonses under the controversial Automated Enforcement System.

The counter, located at the lobby of the PAS HQ in Jalan Raja Laut, will be open once every fortnight for an hour. It will next open on December 1 at 12.00 pm.

Members of the public who turned up today were briefed on the court procedure.

Earlier, KASE head Mahfuz Omar (left) launched the booth.

"Today, people of all races came. There were even those driving official government vehicles," he said.

The first court case related to the AES traffic summons is expected to be heard at the Magistrate's court in Jalan Duta on December 6.

Juham director Zamri Asa'ad Khuzami pledged to accompany the affected motorists and said it would seek to challenge the AES's legality at the High Court.

He also urged the public not to fear going to court.

"Don't be worried because a traffic offence is considered a minor offence. Defendants will not be sitting in the dock," he said.

Juham lawyer Zulqarnain Lukman meanwhile urged those issued AES summonses to plead not guilty and fight them in court, adding that there was a likelihood of winning such cases.

"The prosecution is still hazy, not knowing which SOP should be used," he added.

More details are available at KASE's Facebook page or by email

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