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Pray For MH370


Kulim Bandar Baru BN candidate for March 8 general election Datuk Abdul Aziz Sheikh Fadzir leaves the High Court.
Justice Datuk Balia Yusof Wahi made the decision after Abdul Aziz's counsel, Firoz Hussein Ahmad Jamaludin, told the court of his client's decision.

What transpired between the various parties in the "new drama" is for us to speculate. Truth shall prevail. Politics is always full of surprises. Anything is possible but for a muslim, his or her action is accountable on the day of Judgement and shall be judged by his intention(s). It is no longer inconceivable nor unthinkable for it to happen since in this day and age, once one's actions are captured by CCTV or hidden camera on one fine day can always be played back or flashed back anytime at a future date.

The only difference shall be, in the man's court of justice, there will always be counsellors and human witnesses to be called upon to testify BUT in the court of justice on the Day Of Reckoning, none other than the organs namely eyes, ears, hands and feet shall be the witnesses with the exception of the MOUTH, for it shall be sealed.

?$? BN withdraws Kulim election petition

?$? Kulim petition dropped as Zul could join Umno

Kulim petition dropped as Zul could join Umno
Monday, 13 October 2008 04:15pm The Malaysian Insider
Zulkifli Nordin

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 13 — Despite highly confident of winning the Kulim election petition, the Barisan Nasional today dropped the case as speculation mounted that Zulkifli Nordin could join Umno.

Zulkifli's likely defection will be a setback for opposition icon Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who has been talking about BN lawmakers joining him in an attempt to unseat the BN federal government.

The first time Kulim MP was absent from Parliament today where Anwar slammed BN for economic mismanagement in light of the global financial crisis.

The lawyer, who has faced controversy recently for leading a group against a Bar Council interfaith forum, was one of the first to defend Anwar when the latter was sacked a decade ago.

PKR has yet to take action against Zulkifli, who said he is a Muslim above anything else. His fellow PKR members, coalition allies and non-Muslims have blasted his action but he has refused to change his stand.

The Alor Star High Court today struck out the Kulim-Bandar Baru election petition when BN withdrew it, ensuring Zulkifli remains as MP.

The BN had filed the petition as it claimed Zulkifli had failed to submit his statement of expenditure from his 2004 general election campaign.

Under the Election Act, candidates who do not submit their statement of expenditure to the Election Commission can be disqualified from contesting in future elections.

The petition was filed by Umno’s losing candidate Abdul Aziz Sheikh Fadzir against Zulkifli and the Election Commission.

In the March 8 2008 general election, Zulkifli won the seat, which has 51,995 voters, by a margin of 5,583.

In the 2004 polls, Zulkifli contested the Kuala Langat parliamentary seat in Selangor but lost to Umno's Dr Shafie Mohd Salleh.


BN withdraws Kulim election petition

Sun2surf/ Bernama
ALOR STAR (Oct 13, 2008): The High Court here today struck out the election petition for Kulim/Bandar Baharu parliamentary seat after Barisan Nasional (BN) cadidate Datuk Abdul Aziz Sheikh Fadzir decided to withdraw the petition.

The withdrawal allows Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) candidate Zulkifli Noordin to continue as MP for Kulim/Bandar Baharu.

In the petition filed by Abdul Aziz in April, he named Zulkifli, the returning officer and the Election Commission (EC) as the first, second and third respondents respectively.

Abdul Aziz had sought the court to declare the March 8 election results for the Kulim/Bandar Baharu seat null and void. Zulkifli won the seat, polling 22,255 votes against Abdul Aziz's 16,672 votes.

In the petition, Abdul Aziz claimed Zulkifli had failed to submit his statement of expenditure when he contested the Kuala Langat parliamentary seat in the 2004 general election, which contravenes the Election Act.

He also claimed that the returning officer had failed to act against Zulkifli's nomination despite the fact that the EC had the documents confirming Zulkifli's failure to submit his statement of expenditure.

Abdul Aziz, when met outside the court, said his decision to withdraw the petition was made after a discussion with BN leaders.

He said the decision was made after taking into consideration the current global conomic instability and the price hikes caused by the erratic oil price, the increasing depression felt by the people and various other problems that needed attention.

"In the interest of the people in Kulim Bandar Baharu and the country, I am willing to sacrifice my right to challenge Zulkifli so that the people and the government can work together to stabilise the country's political situation, economy and unity that are in critical condition right now," he said.

He said he also respected the decision made by the voters in the March 8 general election and would continue to serve the people in Kulim Bandar Baharuthrough a BN service centre that he had set up since April.

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