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Utusan tuduh ulamak bertaraf dunia lebih teruk daripada AYAH PIN yg sah sesat!!

Nik Aziz worse for Islam than Ayah Pin, says Utusan
By Yow Hong Chieh(malaysian insuder)
June 19, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, June 19 — Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia continued its tirade against Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat today with its Sunday edition saying the PAS spiritual leader has done greater damage to Islam than even the deviant teachings of Sky Kingdom cult leader Ayah Pin.
The paper’s Mingguan Malaysia said Nik Aziz (picture) has a laundry list of offences against Islam, including giving support to Christians in the “Allah” issue, promising heaven to Muslims who vote for PAS and telling beautiful women not to work.
It also pointed out that Nik Aziz has rejected repeated overtures from “Islamic” Umno to form a unity government in favour of greater cooperation with DAP, a party dead set against the establishment of an Islamic nation.
“More confusion has been sown (in Islam) by Nik Aziz compared to other individuals including Ayah Pin, who is now being hunted by the authorities,” Awang Selamat — nom de plume of the Umno-owned paper’s editors — said today.

The paper was commenting on the “DAP-aping” decision by Nik Aziz, who is also Kelantan mentri besar, to ban the paper from covering the state assembly in response to the “Kekeliruan kes rogol” (Confusion in rape cases) cartoon it ran last week.

The two-panel comic strip on page 15 of Wednesday’s edition depicted a tudung-clad woman seeking advice after being raped.

“I only managed to record the incident with a handphone,” the sobbing woman is shown telling her serban-clad village head in the first panel.

“You were raped? Were there four witnesses?” he replies. “The recording device cannot be a witness because it has no ears and eyes. It’s only metal... enough, it’s better for you to drop the case.”

But the woman’s same complaint in the second panel to a figure resembling a police officer draws a different response.

“Superb... the tool can be used as evidence!” the moustachioed man informs her while appearing to type out a report.

Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat had described Utusan Malaysia as “Malaysia’s Denmark” for publishing the cartoon, which he said was an affront to Islam.

The Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement (Abim) and Persatuan Ulama Malaysia (PUM) have also condemned the cartoon for its inaccurate portrayal of Islam.
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JoeA · 8 hours ago
The rakyat Malaysia knows better about Nik Aziz than Utusan Malaysia. The people of Kelantan love him.

peace Lover · 7 hours ago
Nik Aziz sir, I suggest you to ignore the remarks. There is a saying "Barking dogs never bites". Rakyats are watching.
MainDuaBola 132p · 7 hours ago
Friend I beg to differ, not only the people of Kelantan love him but the majority of the raayat of Malaysia love him too.

not only Kelantan , but people from all over the country have come to have a respect and high regards to Tok Guru. Beyond race and religion, we find him to be a man of principles and integrity as opposed to those who run him down...
yhappy's avatar - Go to profile

yhappy 120p · 1 hour ago
The world most immortal newspaper try to talk Islam .. Day in day out open eyes and frabicate stories ( instead of reporting the news ) and telling lies ...

Tak tahu malu .
New Deal's avatar

New Deal · 8 hours ago
Utusan Malaysia has completely exhausted all the issues it can use and now has gone on a wild run throwing all kinds of accusations against those who disagree with it.
Illuminati's avatar

Illuminati · 8 hours ago
As if Utusan a very Islamic paper. Utusan's integrity has flown out the window long ago.
1patriot's avatar

1patriot · 8 hours ago
Very soon even UMNO members will be ashamed to read Utusan because of its stupid comments!
Joseph Chong's avatar

Joseph Chong · 8 hours ago
Actually UMNO is the one that had done the most damage to Islam and when Utusan says doing harm to Islam it is so obvious what they mean is doing harm to UMNO.
Dol's avatar

Dol · 8 hours ago
utusan and umno have no more modal to make readers and the electorate to consider buying the paper or support umno, ignore them - confirm and double confirm!
decency's avatar

decency · 8 hours ago
Utusan and Ayahpin 2x5...says Malaysians...get lost Utusan Umno...look at yrself in the mirror b4 u spew nonsensical views at this decent old man in leadership for many decades...shame on Uuu...
MainDuaBola's avatar - Go to profile

MainDuaBola 132p · 8 hours ago
A bankrupt newspaper will do anything to please its master.
diba's avatar

diba · 8 hours ago
Utusan just wants to justify the squandering of the nation by the Malay elites. UMNO is a looting organization.
ibnuhussein's avatar

ibnuhussein · 8 hours ago
Oh my... oh my. Seems like the days are over for Utusang meloya. Disrespecting Islam, causing racial instability, junk... junk and junk.

Why oh why they are not appologizing for tarnishing Islam? I sincerely do not understand those who still reads Utusang and support umNO
MainDuaBola's avatar - Go to profile

MainDuaBola 132p · 8 hours ago
It also pointed out that Nik Aziz has rejected repeated overtures from “Islamic” Umno to form a unity government in favour of greater cooperation with DAP, a party dead set against the establishment of an Islamic nation.

He reject UMNO's brand of Islam because of corruption and cronyism. It will go against his conscious if he join UMNO brand of Islamic State. He is too mulia to do that.
jacque's avatar

jacque · 8 hours ago
Utusan Malaysia challenge and make fun of what had been ordained by God. And now they are saying TG Nik is worse than Ayah Pin just because TG refused to form Kerajaan Perpaduan with the corrupt and thieving UMNO?

Hello Awang Tak Selamat. . ., look at yourself in the mirror before bad mouthing a pious and humble man!
JomUbah's avatar

JomUbah · 7 hours ago
Utusan the mouthpiece of UMNO has none more damage to Islam than any other papers on earth. It is high time for all the rural Malays to boycott this racist paper and make them go bankrupt and disappear from the street.
CorruptFree's avatar - Go to profile

CorruptFree 120p · 7 hours ago
Utusan had lost it's functions as a news media:- a watchdog to protect general public from government and corporate corruption, a scorekeeper to point out the losers and winners in politics and finally a gatekeeper for central source of information instead it has became an UMNO's flying guillotine.
aboi's avatar

aboi · 7 hours ago
Go Utusan...keep on condemning Nik Aziz. The more you condemn, the more people will hate Umno coz majority of Malays have a high respect to Ulama. Thanks to Utusan, fence sitting Malay will now have clearer pic who to vote in next election.
han · 7 hours ago
For Utusan to say UMNO is islamic is the biggest bull of the year. My foot. This is UMNO's way of getting even with Nik Aziz for not wanting to form an unity government with it. It only shows the hypocrispy and falsehood of UMNO.
entang · 7 hours ago
Just because Tok Guru firm stand on his principle not to join the corrupted UMNOPutra, this Utusan bark everyday.

Dear Comrade, the more this Utusan published the better, keep those DISTORTED articles then display them during election campaign and let Malaysian view who is the Real EVIL !!!
Being a non-muslim, I have more faith in Nik Aziz than Utusan. At least he is a man of truth and not distortion like some newspaper claimed to be....
Nik Aziz is a holy and pious muslim while all the Utusan editors and news reporters are hiding behind the cloak of Islam. Utusan editors and reporters are real munafiqs claiming to be muslims.
ayoiapi 122p · 6 hours ago
Masya Allah Utusan. I am so disgusted by this article????!!!!!. It just makes me hate Utusan even more. So low lah....
Tuan Guru Nik Aziz is the example for all Muslims to follow.

It is incredible that UMNO leaders can continue to allow the Utusan to be managed so badly by such immoral men for so long.
span · 3 hours ago
Anyone can say anything he likes, Nik Aziz is an exemplary leader everyone should follow. Utusan can run him down but the truth in him can't be ignored by everyone. I am an UMNO man but I have high respect for this grand leader. i shall miss him when he dies.
atimah juling · 2 hours ago
to them ayah pin's too holy than nik aziz that's why he never been caught. we only hope that 1day they send utusan's ultraman bring back ayah pin from sky kingdom!
I am a Malay, a Muslim and a thinking person. Nik Aziz is a person of high integrity. He is not a mad man. UM is worth only as toilet papers. Only idiots read this crap.
Hebat Tan's avatar
I am non muslim but UMNO have confused me whether I should utter the word ALLAH when I am in West Malaysia and shall be safe once I am in East Malaysia. Doesn't it confuse in the name of Islam.
sendipity hopeful
Utusan, who is the one who is using religion to stay afloat? Who is so afraid of Tok Guru solid standing in the Muslim community that it is using all it has got to discredit the Tok Guru?

Why are the Chinese losing the fear of PAS if Tok Guru is as bad as you are making him out to be? Why are more and more Malays and non-Malay getting wary of the BN and deserting it?
Utusan you are barking up the wrong tree. But people understand, you are just doing what you are paid to do.
Newchief · 1 hour ago
utusan has to make up stories becuase it is losing customers by the second !!! it targets bad mouth on the oppositions so that the oppositions will buy their newspapers and make noises or condeming about it . my suggestion : DON'T BUY their newspapers for good so that one day, najib will say, the government needs to bail utusan out by making use of our epf savings or by upping up fuel cost again !!!
Black Sheep's avatar
Nik Aziz is the true Islamic leader not only in Malaysia but in the world. He should be the head of OIC. World over yopu can see muslims living at peace and not war.
gopalraja · 1 hour ago
i suggest that umno sell utusan to other company and then ban its printing forever...with this umno can shut awang selamat big mouth and in same time gain profit from the selling of utusan merayu (if there is ppl to buy....)

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