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Pray For MH370


The government currently spends RM300 millions annually to support the drug addicts

in its rehabilitation programmes being implemented at the 26 rehab centres nationwide.

effort only enrich the various contractors and related parties manning the

centres. Of course the
programmes provide job opportunities for many bread winners

but it is at the expense of
countless other unfortunate souls and their families. 75% of

the "graduate addicts" will return to
the old habits in no time once they left the centres.

Read on to find out more.

Expert: Methadone way can save 90% cost in fight against dadah scourge

KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 23, 2008) : The government can effectively tackle dadah abuse and save about RM270 million annually in the process, if it fully implements methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) in the fight against the scourge.

Addiction psychiatrist Prof Dr Mohamad Hussain Habil who heads the Psychiatry Department at the University of Malaya's medical faculty, said MMT also reduces the risk of HIV infection as no needles were used.

At present, the government spends about RM300 million annually to tackle the problem through its zero-tolerance, long-term rehabilitation programme at the 26 rehabilitation centres nationwide, with little or no success.

This cost could be slashed drastically if MMT is used, he said, pointing out that it cost the government about RM3,000 per month per addict under the present rehabilitation system, while the cost using the MMT method is only RM300 per patient per month - giving a savings of 90%.

Besides the high cost, the methods used at the centres are not that effective as almost 75% of the addicts who left the centres returned to their old habit within a few months, he said.

He said a nationwide study by the university in 2005 showed that by using the MMT method, most heroin-addicted patients gained employment after six months of therapy and did not engage in high-risk behaviour like self-injection or promiscuity.

He estimated that there were about one million dadah addicts in the country today, with almost 800,000 addicted to heroin. The rest are using other drugs like ecstasy, ketamine, ganja.

Dr Mohamad Hussain added that under the MMT method, the addicts were treated just like other patients requiring medical attention for a disease, unlike in the 90s when heroin addicts were treated like criminals and the general feeling was that they should be ostracised, jailed and condemned.

The criminalisation of heroin dependency not only caused suffering to addicts and their families but also posed a financial burden to the government, he said.

Dr Mohamad Hussain explained that methadone was a drug which helped to reduce the craving in the addict, thereby helping him to kick the habit.

"It (dadah abuse) is just like any other disease, such as diabetes or hypertension, where long-term drug therapy is required to help the patient," he said, adding that there was also no known side-effect from the long-term use of methadone.

Dr Mohamad Hussain said the university had trained about 1,000 local doctors both in the private and public sector on MMT.

"This makes it easy for heroin addicts to seek treatment from a private clinic nearest their home while staying with their families," he said.

He hoped the Health Ministry which has started using MMT in its various hospitals would expand its use to benefit dadah addicts, and the nation as a whole.

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Comments :

Anonymous said...

salam dr , i'm mohd,i don't know where to report this, but this is what i get from i-google, the translated version of an article in sin chew daily newspaper on 25 november 2008.....this is the article.....
"The National Fatwa Council recently issued a ban for Muslims to practise Yoga, arguing that yoga has taken its roots in Hinduism and its ultimate aim is to be one with god, and therefore it is against the Islamic faith to practise yoga.
Although this edict does not have a legal binding, it has nevertheless triggered an outburst of controversies: whether yoga is purely a form of exercise or is carrying some religious elements.
Malaysia is not the first country in the world to have triggered religiously inspired objections to yoga. Egypt banned the practice of yoga back in 2004, and we have also heard that conservative Christians in the United States strongly opposed to the inclusion of yoga in school PE classes.
Frankly speaking, there are a few branches in yoga, part of which actually entailing religion. In Hinduism, Jainism or Buddhism, we see believers practising yoga as a means of training in their pursuit of spiritual uplifting.
"Religion never comes into play in the practice of yoga for most people. To them, "one with the universe or heavens" is an excessive state way too remote or lofty to be accessible."
However, in actual fact, yoga is not altogether identical to religion. Yoga was born long before major religions and ancient Indians saw yoga as superior to religion, and the ultimate approach to pursue reality.
It has been said that the highest state in yoga is the unison of an individual's consciousness with the universe, which to some extent resembles the "one with the heavens" philosophy of ancient China.
Having said that, religion never comes into play in the practice of yoga for most people. To them, "one with the universe" or "one with the heavens" is an excessive state way too remote or lofty to be accessible.
Jack learns yoga for spiritual enlightenment and to reduce stress; John takes up yoga to strengthen his body and relieve pains and illnesses; while Jane practises yoga purely to shed a few pounds and make herself look slimmer and more attractive.
While we have a thousand and one reasons to practise yoga, these reasons are, and always remain, just that simple.
Yoga has become a lifestyle today. Just as Sisters In Islam (SIS) has said, the yoga which has gained popularity in our cities and towns today has shed many of its religious elements to become a simplistic form of stylish health-promoting exercise.
Where history is concerned, sports has never been completely weaned from politics, and to the dismay of many, sports is also now entangled into the ramification of religious controversies.
As a matter of fact, the origins of ancient Olympics were also shrouded in a thick, mysterious religious veil. From the many magnificent legends depicting the origins of the games, we could see that they were all rooted in Zeus, the God of all gods in Greek mythology, as well as His relatives.
In other words, Zeus was the spiritual commander of ancient Olympics. The torch lighting ceremony in modern Olympics, meanwhile, has also taken root in an ancient religious ceremony of worshipping.
While we respect the National Fatwa Council's edict, we are keen to find out, based on the same argument, whether it should also be deemed inappropriate for Muslims to take part in the Olympics. (By LIM MUN FAH/Translated by DOMINIC LOH/Sin Chew Daily)"

Anonymous said...

Salam, Anonymous...

Semuanya tidak menjadi persoalan sekiranya manusia itu mengenali diri mereka sebagai manusia.

Yang menjadi masalah ialah semua ingin menjadi "Hero" menentang dan memperjuang perkara yang remeh temeh.

Apa yang saya perhatikan SIS(Sisters In Islam) sebagai contoh:menentang semua perkara yang berkaitan dengan larangan terhadap wanita. Perkara yang terang-terang sebagai hukum dalam Islam hendak diperjuangkan sebagai hak kemanusian.(Contoh: Bertudung, penkid)

Apakah hak seorang manusia (insan yang sangat kerdil) disisi Allah?Siapakah kita ingin mempersoalkan hukum Allah yang mencipta dan menjadikan manusia dan seluruh alam ini.

Apakah kita ada hak untuk mengatakan bahawa kita mahu hidup lebih lama sedangkan umur yang telah ditetapkan sehingga jam 12.00tengah malam ini?

Lumrah manusia akan menentang apa saja yang menyusahkan mereka.

Solat yang diperturunkan oleh Allah merupakan satu ibadah yang mengandungi semua dalam kehidupan seharian kita pun susah nak ditunaikan. Yang fardhu lagikan ditinggalkan apa lagi yang sunat.Yoga yang bukan cara hidup Islam dan terang-terang cara Hindu hendak diperjuangkan.

Perjuangkan yang dituntut oleh Islam barulah boleh menggunakan nama SISTERS IN ISLAM.

Apakah ISLAM bangkrap dengan cara kehidupan sihat? Perlu pula kita mengamalkan YOGA, Tai-Chi, Qiqong dan sebagainya.

Riadhah dan cara hidup sihat adalah juga tuntutan dalam ISLAM, yang perlu ialah untuk mempamerkan dan mengamalkan cara itu kepada orang Islam.

Janganlah terlalu mudah mengikut apa yang dibudayakan oleh orang lain. Sudahlah penuh dengan gejala sosial dan budaya hiburan yang diikut dari barat, tidak cukup dengan itu senaman pula hendak ikut yang diamalkan oleh ugama lain.

Bangunlah dari tidur wahai orang Islam...kerana tidur itu membuat kita jauh dari kesedaran dan tidak kurang pula dibuai mimpi dan igauan.





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