Pray For MH370

Pray For MH370


Barisan Nasional and particularly UMNO has been abusing their power bestowed by the rakyat all this while and this has gone unchecked. PAS all along has been saying in their ceramahs and publications that "Polis Di Raja Malaysia" (PDRM) should be impartial and neutral whilst discharging their duties. They are NOT "Polis Di UMNO Malaysia" or PDUM.

Leave public order to police


ENFORCEMENT agencies charged with maintaining law and order and ensuring our national security – the police and military forces – must be mindful that they serve at the pleasure of the King. It’s for that reason they are bestowed the honour of being called Polis Di-Raja Malaysia and Angkatan Tentera Darat Di-Raja Malaysia.

These agencies must remain apolitical and their members must remember the oath they took to serve and defend King and country. It will be a shame if the police and army give the slightest hint that they are marching to the tune of politicians.

Thus, one cannot fault some sections of civil society for taking umbrage with Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan’s statement that the army can be roped in to help maintain public law and order if needed. The timing of the remarks and the announcement of a "joint exercise" between the civil and military forces lead to speculation of the motive behind it. Many see the remarks and announcement as a warning directed at dissenting voices and are asking if the exercise is aimed at quelling the people’s legitimate and democratic right to voice displeasure and
alternative views.

Police roadblocks that result in troublesome traffic snarls along the city’s main arteries are always dismissed as "regular checks" but it is more than a coincidence when these checks are timed on the eve of planned public gatherings. That police mount such operations as a precaution to deter untoward incidents is appreciated and applauded by all peace-loving Malaysians.

The army, meanwhile, should not be distracted from its primary role – to secure our borders and to assist in relief work during natural disasters – a task which they perform brilliantly during every monsoon season.

There is a difference between civil defence and military defence – for instance, the latter does not come into play in the current situation where thousands gathered at a stadium in Petaling Jaya yesterday to protest against rising costs. While national security cannot be compromised, it must not be an excuse to marshal our armed forces and law enforcement agencies to cause fear among ordinary citizens who want to peacefully voice their frustrations.

Keeping the public peace and containing civil unrest is the job of the police and civil defence forces. The army should stick to what it does best – defend our borders.

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