Pray For MH370

Pray For MH370

Indians are my brethrens too!

Dr. Halimah with PAS's Kelantan women leaders with the womenfolk during the launching of Kelnatan's PAS Supporters' Club by YAB Menteri Besar Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat on 27th April 2007. Full Indian-style decoration at the estate was prepared by the estate dwellers in great anticipation of the arrival of their beloved MB.

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Working closely with PKR friends during Ijok by-election

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Dialog Dr Halimah & N. Gobalakrishnan bersama kaum India di Sg. Bertik Klang

Kaum India merebut peluang emas mendengar daripada mulut Gobalakrishnan dan pimpinan PAS mengenai apa itu PAS, isu semasa dan apa yang boleh ditawar oleh PAS dan BA untuk mencerahkan masa depan mereka. Dr Halimah tengah berucap. Kelihatan Gobala disebelah kiri Dr Halimah. Majoriti yang hadir adalah dari kalangan golongan muda.

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Dr Halimah mesra bersama orang India

Dr Halimah memberi ucapan selaku Timbalan Pengerusi Biro Perpaduan Nasional PAS Pusat dalam program Pelancaran Kelab Penyokong PAS Johor di sebuah hotel di Skudai, Johor pada 27/1/08.
Dr Halimah with some members of Kelab Penyokong PAS Johor

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Chinese New Year In Bagan Hailam

After finishing my free mobile clinic at Kpg Bagan Hailam, Port Klang on the 3rd February at about 1.00pm we had a little pleasant surprise when two kids and their friends suddenly brought their 'lions' from their respective houses and perform a mini-lion dance for us.
Prior, their elders and families have been medically screened and it was obvious they enjoyed our presence and care especially in times when the Chinese New Year was ushering in.

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Semasa Program Perhimpunan Kelab Penyokong PAS Peringkat Nasional

Dr Halimah bersama setiausahanya, Hjh Kamariah dalam program bersejarah merupakan himpunan besar-besaran ahli-ahli Kelab Penyokong Pas daripada seluruh negara pada 18hb Februari 2008 di sebuah hotel di Pulau Pinang sempena Tahun Baru Cina. Di belakang mereka ialah logo 'PAS FOR ALL' yang menjadi tawaran PAS kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia.

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Sharing joyous moments In Pulau Ketam

Wishing All Of YOU
A Happy, PROSPEROUS And most importantly a SAFE New Year

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YOU have the right to correct info!!

Salam sejahtera,

Dear Friends,

Thank you for allowing me to enter into your cyber world to shed light to the truth that is truly your birth right to decipher the mounting confusing info , especially at this last hour prior to the time to elect our leaders. The right info and the truth are crucial for you to make the right decision. What is more important than making the right decision is that that will ensure you and family have enough food for the future; that you and your loved ones are safe, that your property is well protected; that you can go for a holiday without worrying whether your house is broken in, that your language and culture preserved, that your spiritual practices respected. that your children can go the schools you prefer as stated in the Federal Constitution, that your inclination to sports and recreation is understood, that you are free to jog and shop stress-free(?snatch thieves/your business rival gangsters), the list goes on........

So friends, since you are so used(1/2 a century long) to one kind of way to govern the country, to manage the economy, to look after our safety(safety of foods too!!), to one way of managing and leading the country, the BN WAY, why don't you give it a try to allow another way? W-ho knows it might be 100x better than the way you have known. I mean if you never dared to change from a type-writer to that of a computer, how much would you have lost? If you were too scared to change from an oil lamp to electricity would you be enjoying air cond, mono-rail etc today.

Please give a chance to share with you info about real events, activities about political parties that truly love and want the best for YOU and your family.

So long. All the best in all your undertaking.

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