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Pray For MH370


Seramai 20 Ahli Parlimen Sabah dan Sarawak mengadakan sidang akhbar bersama menyatakan pendirian mereka yang setia dengan Barisan Nasional di lobi Parlimen

*Taat Setia
*Sabah, Sarawak BN MPs pledge support for PM

Taat Setia

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Seramai 20 Ahli Parlimen Sabah dan Sarawak menyatakan pendirian tidak akan melompat parti seperti yang diheboh-hebohkan oleh Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) sebelum ini dalam sidang akhbar di Parlimen semalam.

Kenyataan yang dibuat oleh parti pembangkang itu disifatkan mereka sebagai satu pembohongan.

Sebaliknya Menteri Perpaduan, Kebudayaan, Kesenian dan Warisan, Datuk Seri Mohd. Shafie Apdal berkata, sokongan Ahli Parlimen dari Sabah dan Sarawak tidak berbelah terhadap pucuk pimpinan Barisan Nasional (BN).

Turut menyatakan sokongan pada sidang akhbar itu ialah Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Bernard Dompok; Timbalan Menteri Pengangkutan, Datuk Douglas Unggah Embas; dan Ahli Parlimen Kinabatangan, Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin.

Sabah, Sarawak BN MPs pledge support for PM

by Sharon Tan

KUALA LUMPUR: Sabah and Sarawak members of parliament (MPs) yesterday pledged their support for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and the Barisan Nasional (BN) in an effort to squash rumours of MPs crossing over that have intensified with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim back in parliament.

“It is a lie. We are not goods, items, commodities that can be sold. We are not that. Our stand is very clear and firm. We are not going to move from BN,” said Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Shafie Apdal, adding that the Sabah and Sarawak BN MPs remained undivided in their loyalty and support to the BN and were tired of the rumours of a crossover.

“We are now preparing a formal pledge which will be initiated by all the Sabah and Sarawak BN MPs. We hope to present it to the prime minister over the next few days,” Shafie told reporters at parliament lobby where he was joined by 20 of the MPs.

However, the two MPs from Sabah’s People Party (SAPP) were not seen with the group. Sarawak and Sabah have collectively 56 parliamentary seats.

Shafie said Pakatan Rakyat had been fabricating the issue of crossover by the BN MPs.

He said the pledge was made to reaffirm statements by Sabah and Sarawak chief ministers earlier that none of the states’ MPs would cross over to Pakatan Rakyat.

“The people had given their mandate to us to develop and make changes to the constituencies. Their trusts and belief in us cannot be traded,” he said.



Full Text of PM's Budget Speech HERE

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Anwar says govt fails to address issue of competitiveness in Budget 2009

by Sharon Tan

Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim regarded the Budget 2009 as nothing new and that the government had failed to address the issue of competitiveness.

“It is nothing new. We reiterate that in the last four to five years, when there was global pressure and economic slowdown, the prime minister and Barisan Nasional (BN) were not able to provide new stimulus.

“The problem is that we have lost the competitive edge. There are no new foreign direct investments (FDIs),” he said, adding that problems of management and corruption were not dealt with," he told reporters at parliament lobby on Aug 29.

For an oil-producing country, Malaysia continued to register deficit which would have been understandable for a country that has no recourse, he said.

“The issue is not giving sweeteners to Sabah, Sarawak and the poor because it does not commensurate with the big increase in inflation and high cost. What is given does not alleviate the problem and sufferings of the poor,” he added.

Anwar also accused Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi of failing to address the issue of competitiveness.

“We continue to be in a state of denial. We are not able to shift from the obsolete economic policy where there are rampant corruptions and fail to be more competitive because we are stuck with the old policies.

“I see no way where we can attract FDI. Without FDI, Malaysia cannot propel its economy. And this, unfortunately, was not addressed," said Anwar.



Economic Report 2008/2009: Inflation to remain high

by Yong Min Wei

INFLATION is expected to remain high in the second half (2H) of this year and into early 2009 before moderating in 2H2009.

The Economic Report 2008/2009 said the consumer price index (CPI) averaged 4.4% in the first seven months of 2008 compared with 2% in the same period last year due to higher food and energy prices.

Following price adjustments of petrol and diesel in early June as well as electricity tariffs of between 18% and 26% effective July 1, inflation surged in July to reach its highest level at 8.5% since December 1981. Nevertheless, the inflation rate is expected to have peaked for the year. In July, inflation was at 7.7%.

The main contributors to the CPI increase were food and non-alcoholic beverages; housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels; and transport, said the report.

The food and non-alcoholic beverages group in the first seven months of the year rose 6.9% and contributed 2.2 percentage points to the CPI increase compared with only 2.8% and 0.9 percentage point in the January to July 2007 period.




1. Tax rebate for chargeable income group up to RM35,000 raised to RM400 from RM350 now while tax rate for RM35,000-RM50,000 reduced by 1pp to 12% and over RM250,000 by 1pp to 27%

2. Interest income received from moneys deposited in all banks fully exempted from 5% tax to increase disposable income.

3. Tax exemption for employees' allowances to include petrol (up to RM6,000pa), parking, meal, childcare (RM2,400pa), telephony and maternity.

4. Road tax on private saloon, non-saloon diesel vehicles to be the same as that of petrol vehicles

5. Home loan agreement of up to RM250,000 to be given 50% stamp duty exemption for Malaysians, limited to one purchase between Aug 30, 2008 and Dec 31, 2010.

6. Import duty and sales tax exemption on imported solar photovoltaic system equipment; sales tax exemption of local solar heating system equipment

7. Franchise holders of hybrid cars be given 100% exemption of import duty and 50% exemption of excise duty on new CBU hybrid cars below 2L.

8. Income tax exemption on fees received by corporate advisers for primary, dual or cross listings to attract foreign listings for 2009-2013.

9. Income tax exemption on fees from non-ringgit sukuk issued in Malaysia and distributed outside; also profits from trading of non-ringgit sukuk for 2009-2011.

10. REIT final withholding tax (wt) on foreign institutional investors to be reduced to 10% from 20%, wt on individuals reduced to 10% from 15% for Jan 1, 09 to Dec 31, 2011.

11. Excise duty on cigarettes to be raised by three sen per stick to 18 sen, duty for 20-stick pack raised by 60 sen.

12. Civil servants to get one-month bonus or at least RM1,000 for 2008, to be paid in two instalments

13. Import duty of between 5% and 25% on fertilisers and pesticides be abolished

14. Import duty of between 15% and 30% on electrical goods such as blenders, rice cookers, microwave owns and electric kettles be reduced to between 5% and 20%

15. Import duty of between 10% and 30% on petrochemical and polymer industrial goods such as rubber mats, tubes made of rubber and plastic bottles be reduced to between 5% and 20%

16. Import duty of 20% on port cranes be reduced to 5%

17. Import duty of between 25% and 60% on textiles such as carpets and glassware be reduced to between 20% and 30%

18. Import duty of between 5% and 20% on food products such as vermicelli, biscuits, mixed fruit juice and sweet corns in air tight containers be fully exempted.

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Deprived of being watched by TV viewers all over the country during the swearing in today, DSAI is officially the opposition leader in Parliament for now.

Anwar upset no live telecast of his swearing in

Husna Yusop and Giam Say Khoon

After an absence of 10 years, PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim made a triumphant return to Parliament as the Permatang Pauh MP today, this time as opposition leader.

Anwar, flanked by his family, gestures as he speaks to the Press
after being sworn in

He was sworn in after morning prayers at 10.05am in the presence of Dewan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia in the august House.

His wife Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, the former Permatang Pauh MP who had resigned to pave the way for her husband’s return to active politics, and their daughters, witnessed the event.

“Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. I, Anwar Ibrahim, as an MP, do hereby swear with all honesty that I will fulfill my duties honestly and will defend and protect the constitution,” he said to thumps of support from the opposition members.

He then took the seat allocated for the opposition leader, located at the front row of Block H, directly facing the seat of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, and next to Bandar Tun Razak MP Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.

Pandikar Amin also announced Anwar’s appointment as the Opposition leader.

“I was told by sources in RTM (Radio Televisyen Malaysia) that it (the live telecast) will not begin until Anwar’s swearing-in finishes.”

The swearing-in, which took place before the question-and-answer session, was not broadcast live at 10am, the daily live session over RTM.

On his feeling on being back in Parliament, Anwar said: “Everyone wanted me to take the oath, so it is now done and I look forword to my role with my colleagues in Parti Keadilan Rakyat, PAS and DAP in parliament. I am glad to be back after a decade.”

Anwar said he wished to turn the House into a functional platform to raise the claims of the people together with other opposition parties, and will discuss with his Pakatan Rakyat partners on forming a shadow cabinet.

On his Sept 16 deadline for the current administration to fall, Anwar said PR will deal with the deadline even it falls during the fasting month.

He said the BN MPs will not be “hopping over” to the PR but merely “crossing over”. “However, there is no need to talk about it now. We will inform (about BN MPs crossing over) when the time is right.”



Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) political scientist Associate Prof Dr Mohammad Agus Yusoff said tha tthe BN government could not accept the fact that people were no more vulnerable and could not be easily swayed by whatever was dished out through some mainstream newspapers. "The people are becoming more and more politically informed, thanks to the alternative media."

Whilst Wong Chin Huat, a journalism lecturer of Monash University Malaysia who is doing a PhD thesis on electoral systems and party politics, told the Sun that Anwar had "solidly captured the middle ground" to win in Permatang Pauh.

For Assistant professor of Southeast Asian studies, Bridget Welsh, of Johns Hopkins University credited Tuesday's big win to a fundamental desire by Malaysians to "see changes in how their government governs."there are three things that matter -- corruption, inclusion and respect."

Analysts: Plus-points that hailed victory for Anwar

©The Sun
by Tan Yi Liang and Karen Arukesamy

PETALING JAYA (Aug 28, 2008) : Tuesday's thumping win by Parti Keadilan Rakyat de-facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was due to his party's ability to win over the fence-sitters, political analysts say.

Wong Chin Huat, a journalism lecturer of Monash University Malaysia who is doing a PhD thesis on electoral systems and party politics, told theSun that Anwar had "solidly captured the middle ground" to win in Permatang Pauh.

"In Malaysian politics, you have the both the BN and Opposition parties controlling 30% of the hardcore base vote, and the 40% in the middle will determine victory, and in Permatang Pauh, he (Anwar) solidly captured 70%."

He pointed out that the landslide victory was proof of the failure of Barisan's tactics to deny Anwar Permatang Pauh.

"There were two things that turned off voters in the recent by-elections. One was the sodomy allegations, and the other was the playing up of racial sentiments. The twin attacks on Anwar did not hold water; they actually backfired."

He said the support given to Anwar by senior Pas leadership was also a determining factor in his victory.

On the sodomy allegation, a replay of the one in 1998 which had failed, and on the challenge to swear on the Quran, Anwar was supported by religious figures such as PAS's Datuk Nik Aziz and Datuk Harun Din who debunked the necessity or even appropriateness of swearing on the Quran, said Wong.

He also said BN's divided messages to Malay and non-Malay voters had also contributed to their defeat.

"With regards to why Anwar gained Chinese support, despite a BN candidate fluent in Chinese, the Chinese saw the message over the candidate. BN tried to play a divide-and-rule game by portraying (Datuk) Arif Shah (Omar Shah) as a pro-Chinese candidate on one hand, while attacking Anwar as a Malay traitor," said Wong.

He cited an incident where a leaflet was circulated calling on the Malays to reject the DAP-led government in Penang, with an image of a pig's head placed next to the heads of Kit Siang and Karpal. This did not go down well with Chinese voters.

"So no matter how proficient Arif Shah was at Hokkien or Mandarin, it would not have helped," said Wong, who pointed out that Umno's exploitation of the UiTM issue raised by Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim had also contributed to alienating Chinese support.

Wong said the consistency in the messages from Anwar were also major factors in his big win.

"Anwar has been consistent in his message for change, to free the country from racial politics and corruption and that message has gone down well across communities. The key factor was that people were frustrated with the status quo, with BN politics and just wanted a change," said Wong.

Assistant professor of Southeast Asian studies, Bridget Welsh, of Johns Hopkins University credited Tuesday's big win to a fundamental desire by Malaysians to "see changes in how their government governs."

There are three things that matter -- corruption, inclusion and respect.

She said Malaysians are tired of being talked down to, and that the Barisan government now "faces a problem of credibility."

"No one believes in BN like they did before, and there is a lack of trust in BN leaders. Umno has remained in a state of denial since March 8."

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) political scientist Associate Prof Dr Mohammad Agus Yusoff attributed BN's dismal performance to its failure to learn from the last general election results.

He said the BN government could not accept the fact that people were no more vulnerable and could not be easily swayed by whatever was dished out through some mainstream newspapers.

"The people are becoming more and more politically informed, thanks to the alternative media.

They are insulting the intellectual voters by trying to use the media to play up their stories. The BN government's thinking gap is far from the people's. Their campaign strategy is a failure. It is too out-dated and it is just not working."

He said BN should stop using the same old strategy.

Agus said the the vote swing to the Opposition was probably due to the rakyat feeling that BN had failed them.

"The people want something but the BN gives a different thing. Those who believed that the BN government would do something to change their lives are probably upset," he said.

"The ruling party could not answer or respond to all the questions put forth by Opposition leaders. Anwar's promise of a new hope for Malaysia has somehow convinced many, even some strong BN supporters," Agus said.

"BN has also lost the confidence of the Malays and non-Malays, especially among the middle class group. It failed to understand the people's grievances and that is how they become silent voters.

"I am not denying that the BN government has contributed a lot in the past . But the present leadership has failed to address the rakyat's grievances.

"It needs to rebuild the confidence of the people in BN and its image. Stop all personal attacks on the Opposition and show more transparency," said Agus.



Dari keratan akhbar di bawah, kita dimaklumkan bahawa KPM masih mengamalkan sistem rundingan terus dalam pemilihan kontraktor bagi tujuan pelaksanaan projek bangunan tambahan sekolah-sekolah. Di samping itu sistem tender terbuka juga diamalkan tetapi kita tidak dimaklumkan bilakah dan bagaimanakah kedua-dua sistem itu digunapakai.Dalam suasana rakyat menginginkan ketelusan, kecekapan dan keadilan, BN/UMNO masih juga mahu meneruskan sistem yang terdedah kepada kronisme, nepotisme dan penyelewengan dana awam.



Oleh kerana masih lagi kekurangan ahli farmasi (chemist, apotek, druggist) Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia masih lagi membenarkan pengamal perubatan swasta untuk membuat "dispensing" atau mengeluarkan ubat kepada pesakit mereka. Di negara yang mempunyai ahli farmasi yang mencukupi (mengikut nisbah pesakit dan doktor), pengamal perubatan hanya memeriksa pesakit dan membuat diagnosis seterusnya menulis preskripsi atau satu arahan bertulis kepada ahli farmasi senarai ubat-ubatan yang perlu diberi kepada seseorang pesakit.

Maka seorang pengamal perubatan khususnya general practitioner(GP, Family Doctor, Family Physician) hanya memberi khidmat perundingan sahaja. Tugas mengeluarkan ubat-ubatan dilakukan oleh ahli farmasi yang mungkin beroperasi di premis yang agak jauh dari klinik di mana pesakit diperiksa dan mendapat preskripsi.

Keratan akhbar Sinar Harian bertarikh 28hb Ogos 2008





Munajat di Permatang Pauh



God is Great. Thanks to the voters and the party workers. He is back on track again after having derailed by Mahathir and his conspiracy team.
Anwar to be sworn in as MP today
SUN2SURF with adaptation

KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 27, 2008): Parti Keadilan Rakyat advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will be sworn in as Permatang Pauh MP in the Dewan Rakyat today.

Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia who announced this before the start of yesterday’s proceedings said his office received the letter from the Elections Commission on the Permatang Pauh by-election result yesterday's morning.

Dewan Rakyat secretary, Roosme Hamzah (right) and her assistant
Sujairi Abdullah arranging a new nameplate for Permatang Pauh MP
Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in the Dewan Rakyat.

“The result for the Permatang Pauh by-election is already out and the decision favours Anwar, so he will be sworn in on Thursday,” he said.

In a press conference later, Pandikar Amin said he had informed Anwar about the swearing in.

"The Election Commission has been effective. No one can force me not to allow Anwar to take his oath tomorrow. There is no reason why we cannot have the swearing in tomorrow," he said.

To a question, Pandikar Amin said it is not necessary for the swearing in to be held in the House, "it can be done anywhere including my office as long as he does it within 60 days."
On security matter, he said he did not see the necessity for the increase of security tomorrow.

"There is no need for everyone to come (Anwar's supporters). This is just an ordinary sitting with the Permatang Pauh seat vacated (by Anwar's wife Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail) and we had a by-election, and we know that Anwar is the elected representative," he added.

The Speaker added that Anwar is just an ordinary person and even if he is chosen to be the new Opposition leader, he expects decorum from the Opposition in Parliament, especially from Anwar who was a deputy prime minister and "should know it".

Asked if he expects the Opposition to table another motion of no-confidence against the prime minister, Pandikar Amin said: "Politics is a game. What is today will be different swearing in, I believe the Speaker will announce the appointment of the new Opposition leader.

"We are glad with the victory in Permatang Pauh with great majority and we are sending a clear message to Umno and Barisan Nasional that the people wanted a new politics," he addedt from tomorrow. They might try to get (motion of no confidence) ... but I don't know."

Parti Keadilan Rakyat vice-president Azmin Ali, who is Gombak MP, said he would hand over the an official letter endorsed by all Opposition parties (PKR, DAP, and PAS) to name Anwar as the new Opposition parliamentary leader.



Read three differing views on Anwar's election victory, one from the PM himself, UMNO Vice President and finally from the Info Minister. The same one event with three views coming from the same "heart and brain".
*PM: Don't misinterpret Permatang Pauh election result

*Muhyiddin: Don't view Anwar's victory lightly

*Anwar's win not an 'upset' for BN, says info minister

JOHOR BARU (Aug 27, 2008) : The result of the Permatang Pauh by-election, which was won by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, cannot be interpreted as a trend that can happen in other constituencies, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said today.

"What happened in Permatang Pauh was not something so big as to change the situation that exists after the last general election," he said, adding that the Barisan Nasional (BN) which won 140 parliamentary seats in the March 8 general election still commanded strong support from the people.

Anwar's win not an 'upset' for BN, says info minister

KUALA LUMPUR, (Aug 27, 2008) : Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek said Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's winning the Permatang Pauh by-election yesterday would not threaten Barisan Nasional's (BN) position as the ruling coalition.

He said there was no reason for BN members to be sad over its loss in the by-election as it was expected, and it was also not an upset for BN as Anwar had contested in his stronghold.

"This by-election is not just life and death for Anwar, but also for PKR and Pakatan Rakyat. But for BN, it's just a seat and which did not belong to it but to PKR before the by-election.

"Anwar's victory also does not affect the current government leadership. Pak Lah (Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) is still the Kepala Batas member of parliament and prime minister, while Datuk Seri Najib (Razak) is still Pekan MP and deputy prime minister," he told reporters at the parliament lobby today.

Ahmad Shabery said the majority gained by Anwar was also not as big as bandied about by the opposition before the by-election.

"Judging from the presence of 50,000 of his supporters on nomination day, he should have received about the same number of votes or won by at least a 20,000-vote majority.

"But the difference in Anwar's 15,000-vote majority and his wife's (Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail) in the last general election is small," he added.

Ahmad Shabery hoped that Anwar can contribute meaningfully to the coming debates in the Dewan Rakyat.

"I hope with Anwar's re-entry into Parliament, the sitting of which will resume tomorrow, the proceedings will be more decorous. The people want to see the demeanour of someone (Anwar) who aspires to be prime minister and who can set a good example to other parliamentarians, especially his colleagues in the opposition."

The minister said Anwar's swearing-in as MP tomorrow would not be telecast live.

Muhyiddin: Don't view Anwar's victory lightly

SINGAPORE (Aug 27, 2008) : Barisan Nasional (BN) should not take lightly the victory of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in the Permatang Pauh parliamentary by-election yesterday, said Umno Vice-President Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

Muhyiddin said he was concerned that the voters' decision to give victory to the opposition would become a trend.

"Although it was just a by-election, it could be an indication of a trend that the voters had already decided that they wanted changes even if they didn't know what the changes were, and refused to accept BN's leadership," he told Malaysian journalists here.

Muhyiddin, who is International Trade and Industry Minister, was here to attend the Asean Economic Ministers Meeting.

He said BN and Umno should conduct a post-mortem and take steps to speed up Umno's re-inventing process as well as measures to re-brand the BN with new approach more acceptable to the people.

According to him, this would require the BN and Umno to re-evaluate whether their approach to campaign was already "stale and no longer acceptable to the people."

"It is clear that we need to make swift changes to the organisation and to the way we do things," he said.

Muhyiddin added that the results also showed that the voters' mindset had shifted and that they now wanted something which "are fairer, not racial-based (politics) but one that is based on the profile of the multiracial and multi-religious Malaysians."

"Umno should be prepared to make the change," he said.

Muhyiddin said, however, that Anwar's victory was something to be expected and accepted as it was the wishes of the people, who made their choice under a democratic process.

"It may be that whatever is said about Anwar, the people and voters just refuse to believe it.

"The explanation given by our leaders was not accepted as though it was already decided from the outset that the BN would lose and PKR would win," he said.



DR M must be referring to the VISION 2020 BLUEPRINT, I guess. It seems no one is referring to it lately and has taken the back seat. Hence in case of Malaysia, it is neither failing to plan, nor planning to fail but the case of not doing the right thing right the first time. Take the case of petrol price hike in one solid jump AND now reducing the price gradually in step to the chagrin of the suppliers, retailers and manufacturers. The damage had been done. Try to reverse it? No way.

Dr M: Malaysia lacks good decision-making

Karen Arukesamy of sun2surf

KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 26,2008) : Malaysia is lacking in good decision-making because it fails to anticipate the problems of the future.

Former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said to achieve Vision 2020, "we must anticipate the problems we may face in the future and be ready to make decisions to counter them".

Mahathir, who introduced Vision 2020 to Malaysia, said the world is going through price hikes in fuel, food, aluminium and steel and Malaysia now needs to be able to handle the high-cost situation.

"Our people are used to very low cost of living, services and food and they are not prepared to face a high cost of living. I think we need to learn from countries with a high cost of living -- how do they survive, how do they prosper and how to be competitive," he said, at the Futurist forum 2008 entitled "Mindset: A framework to anticipate the future" today.

"If we do not do that, then I think we cannot achieve Vision 2020."

Addressing questions from participants on Malaysia's incompetency, Mahathir said: "Malaysia is the most planned country in the world. But people do not follow the plans prepared for them. If people had followed the plans, we would have been a developed country by now."

He said every plan has to have an implementation strategy, without which the plan is useless.

"Fortunate for Malaysia, we do have an implementation unit and the Economic Planning Unit," he said.

Mahathir said planning for people is much more difficult because people resent others telling them what to do or how to think.

"I have spent 22 years trying to change the mindset of the Malays, for example, and I must admit that I have failed in that, but people won't give any more time."

Among other issues, Mahathir also said the education system had become very politicised.

He said the people's mentality has not changed, they want different kinds of education system because they want to preserve their own languages, they want more emphasis in religious education and so on.

He said the people like to blame politicians but the politicians are complying with the people's wishes.

Mahathir also said national intergration is difficult to achieve because politicians are bringing out sensitive issues which create more division amongst the people.

"People think for a multiracial country, we are doing rather well but even then we need to be extremely careful," he added.



*NATIONAL FATWA COUNCIL: Swearing should take place after legal process

* Don't make swearing 'a trend'

Najib had been quoted as having sworn several times on the issue of Altantuya the Mongolian murdered and blasted with C4 explosive during the last fasting month.

Tajol Rosli was also quoted as saying that he would swear as many times as Nizar wanted on graft charges Perak Excos.

The issue of swearing can be considered settled after the National Fatwa Council made the ruling. But who is going to enforce it?

NATIONAL FATWA COUNCIL: Swearing should take place after legal process
Source: Bernama/sun2surf
KUALA TERENGGANU (Aug 26, 2008) : The National Fatwa Council is of the opinion that Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan should have sworn the Islamic way that he was sodomised by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim only after the legal process has taken place.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the "sumpah mubahalah" (swearing in the name of Allah) should involve both parties, the accused and the accuser, and not necessarily be done in a mosque.

He said the views put forward by various ulama on the swearing by Anwar's former aide, had confused the public and should thus serve as a lesson for all concerned in dealing with such an issue in future.

"We (National Fatwa Council) feel that after the legal process has taken place, any of the parties who feels he had been violated or victimised could resort to 'muhabalah' involving both parties."

Ahmad Zahid was met by reporters after chairing a special meeting with the National Fatwa (Islamic Edict) Council's committee at Wisma Darul Iman here today.

He said the council was not siding with any individual in making the decision but wanted to uphold truth in accordance with Islamic principles.

"Islamic law is fair, so the people should not worry whether the case should be resolved through the legal process in court or outside court through 'sumpah mubahalah' which should involve both parties but not necessarily at the same place."

He also advised the people not to politicise or manipulate the issue as it must be referred to the ulama or religious texts as guidelines.

Asked whether the oath taken by Mohd Saiful was valid, he said what the youth had done was to clear his name and image.

He said the council also opined that holding the Quran when taking the oath in the mosque by Mohd Saiful was a technical matter which should not be disputed.

Ahmad Zahid also advised Muslims in the country not to simply resort to "sumpah mubahalah" including over small matters, as this must not be a trend.

"Go through the legal process first. Anyway, it there are too many of such swearing, it would lose its value and people will no longer believe in it," he added.

Don't make swearing 'a trend'

©New Straits Times

KUALA TERENGGANU: Do not make a trend of swearing in God's name or on the Quran as this would only serve to degrade its value, said Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Ahmad Zahid, however, added that swearing on the Quran and in God's name had yet to become a trend.

The minister said this after attending a meeting with the National Fatwa Council here yesterday

On Saturday, Perak Umno liaison committee chairman Datuk Seri Tajol Rosli Ghazali swore in the name of God that he was not involved in any political conspiracy or plan that had resulted in the arrest of two Pakatan Rakyat state executive councilors for alleged corruption.

Tajol Rosli was also quoted as saying that he would swear as many times as Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin of Pas wanted.







Cincin di belakang leher yang ada jangkitan kuman

Kali ini Pegawai Bomba bertugas sebagai penyelamat dalam situasi yang memang luar biasa. Nasib baik tak terpotong terus. Manusia zaman ultra moden. Inovatif tetapi "destructive", kreatif tetapi "masochistic".

Pengalaman saya biasanya terjadi kepada kanak-kanak yang belum berkhatan tersepit hujung kulit zakar (prepuce)pada zip seluar. Pelbagai jenis pemotong dawai, plier dan gunting besar terpaksa digunakan.

Bomba bedah cincin

Oleh Mohd Jamilul Anbia Md Denin dan Mohd Firdaus Ibrahim

KUALA LUMPUR: Anggota bomba yang sinonim dengan memadamkan kebakaran atau mengeluarkan mangsa tersepit dalam kemalangan terpaksa melakukan tugas menyelamat paling pelik, semalam.

Sepasukan anggota dari Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat Pantai di sini dipanggil bagi membantu doktor memotong cincin besi keluli yang tersekat pada pangkal kemaluan seorang pesakit lelaki di Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya (PPUM)

Doktor terpaksa menggunakan kemahiran anggota bomba bagi memotong cincin yang sukar dicabut itu selepas pelbagai usaha dilakukan tidak berjaya.

Difahamkan, mangsa yang berusia awal 20-an sengaja menyarungkan cincin pada kemaluannya dipercayai bagi meningkatkan kekuatan seksual selain memberi kepuasan luar biasa kepada pasangannya.

Pegawai Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat Pantai, Sarjan Malek Neik, berkata pihaknya menerima panggilan kecemasan daripada kakitangan PPUM berhubung insiden pelik terbabit pada jam 12.43 tengah hari semalam.

Menurutnya, sebuah jentera dan enam anggota kemudian dikerah ke PPUM untuk misi membantu masalah terbabit yang disifatkan sukar dipercayai.

“Sebaik tiba, mereka dibawa ke bilik kecemasan sebelum dimaklumkan keadaan dihadapi ketika itu,” katanya ketika ditemui di sini, semalam.

Katanya, dia melihat beberapa doktor berusaha mengeluarkan cincin itu yang terlekat pada pangkal kemaluan pesakit berkenaan.

Doktor terbabit cuba memotong cincin berkenaan menggunakan peralatan pembedahan, termasuk pemotong besi tetapi gagal kerana ia terlalu keras.

Malek dan pasukannya terpaksa menunggu kira-kira 20 minit sementara doktor bertungkus-lumus menanggalkan cincin berkenaan.

“Cincin besi keluli itu terlalu keras dan semua alat pemotong yang dimiliki hospital tidak berkesan memotongnya.

“Pesakit itu pula dilihat mengerang kesakitan setiap kali kemaluannya disentuh dalam usaha menanggalkan cincin itu,” katanya.

Selepas segala usaha menemui jalan buntu, doktor meminta bantuan kepakaran bomba bagi memotong cincin terbabit menggunakan pemotong besi yang sering dibawa dalam operasi menyelamat mangsa kemalangan atau kebakaran.

“Keadaan kemaluan mangsa yang membengkak merumitkan usaha menanggalkan cincin itu. Malah, kedudukannya pada pangkal kemaluan menyukarkan untuk memotong,” katanya.

Sebagai langkah keselamatan, doktor meletakkan sebilah kayu sebagai pelapik untuk mengelakkan kecederaan serius kepada kemaluan mangsa ketika pemotongan dilakukan.

“Kami terpaksa menggunakan pemotong besi bagi memutuskan cincin berkenaan. Tugas berkenaan dilakukan dengan penuh berhati-hati sebelum cincin terbabit dapat dipotong dalam tempoh tak sampai seminit.

“Anggota bomba yang terlatih dan cermat berjaya memotong cincin itu dengan hanya sekali percubaan,” katanya.

Menurutnya, kemaluan mangsa terlebih dulu dibius petugas PPUM bagi membolehkan tugas itu dilakukan dengan lancar.

“Tugas itu amat mencabar, namun saya berpuas hati kerana khidmat anggota bomba berjaya menyelamatkan nyawa lelaki berkenaan,” kata Malek yang menganggap kejadian seumpama itu amat jarang berlaku.

Mengikut kepercayaan golongan tertentu, tindakan menyarung cincin besi dalam kemaluan dikatakan mampu menambah kekuatan seksual si pemakai walaupun mereka sanggup menanggung azab sengsara akibat kesan sampingannya.

Selebriti yang mempunyai cincin di lidah, kening dll di sini




Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (PKR) has won the Permatang Pauh by-election with a stunning 15,671 vote majority considering the odds were against him.

In the last election, DS Wan Azizah polled 30,348 votes whilst Datuk Firdaus obtained 16,950 votes with a majority of 13,398 votes with voters turnout of 82.06%.

Anwar polled 31,195 votes to Datuk Arif Shah (BN)'s 15,524 votes, while the third candidate Hanafi Mamat (Akim) polled only 92 votes and lost his deposit.

Barisan Nasional candidate Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah speculated that his loss in the by-election today was due to the low turnout of only 65% as well as the opposition propaganda and promises.

Anwar inspecting a bus allegedly carrying phantom voters

Gopalakrishnan and sons detained by police

Chief Police Officer Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Ayub Yaakob said that reports on the alleged phantom voters have been received.

"The five buses brought to the police station. The case is investigated under 341 of the Penal Code," he told reporters.

He also added that Gopalakrishnan (MP for Padang Serai) has been detained to aid in the investigation.

When asked on the actions that will be taken as Gopalakrishnan and his sons were allegedly manhandled by the police, Ayub replied," They can make report (on this matter), and we'll investigate the allegations made."

Earlier, several PKR members had stopped five buses, which they believed to be ferrying about 200 phantom voters from Kulim to Butterworth on the Butterworth-Kulim Expressway, about 7km from Maktab Perguruan Tuanku Bainun.

On related matter, three Barisan Nasional buses that were brought to the Seberang Jaya police station for allegedly bringing in phantom voters, were found only transporting BN supporters.

Two of the buses were stopped by PKR supporters at Ara Kuda and then escorted by the police to the Seberang Jaya police station.

"The PKR supporters suspected the buses to have transported phantom voters to the by-election at about 3pm," he said in a press conference at the Bukit Mertajam police headquarters.

However, the two buses were empty and after initial investigations, it was found that they were used to transport supporters.

"In the second incident around 4pm, another bus was stopped by PKR supporters near the Bukit Mertajam Summit Hotel again for allegedly bringing in phantom voters from other states," he said.

He said the bus, containing 26 passengers, were also taken to the Seberang Jaya police station and after initial investigations, they were found to be supporters only.

"All three buses and the passengers and drivers were released about 30 minutes after it was brought to the police station," he said.

No one was injured in the incident.



The NGOs are All Women’s Action Society (AWAM), Centre for Orang Asli Concerns (COAC), Centre for Policy Initiatives (CPI), Institute for Research and Social Advancement (REFSA), Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas (JERIT), Labor Resource Centre (LRC), Malaysia Youth and Student Democratic Movement (DEMA), National Institute of Electoral Intergrity (NIEI), Persatuan Kesedaran Komuniti Selangor (Empower), Persatuan Masyarakat Selangor & Wilayah Persekutuan (PERMAS), Pusat Khidmat Pekerja Tanjung (PKPT), Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) and Youth for Change (Y4C).

PERMATANG PAUH BY-ELECTION: NGOs against racial politicking

Thirteen non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have urged political parties and politicians involved in the Permatang Pauh by-election to disassociate themselves from racially and religiously divisive messages that are aimed at the voters.

In a joint press statement, the NGOs said the messages, which appeared in printed form, short message service (SMS) and in private speeches could play up the fear of one ethnic group against the other.

The NGOs claimed that feedback from observers and many from the ground indicated this, underlining a real possibility of dirty electioneering.

"As civil society organisations not aligned to any political parties, we are concerned that our elections are far from free and fair, and conform to international good practice," the statement said.

"Will the Permatang Pauh by-election turn out to be the lowest point in Malaysian election history, despicable campaign standards, election rigging and vote buying?"

The NGOs said that crude racial politicking and the use of inflammatory and racially-distorted content to win votes must be condemned not only by contesting parties and candidates but also by other stakeholders.

"Party leaders claim that they are waging a fair war but the onus is on them to not only exercise full control over their respective election personnel and machinery, but to immediately repudiate whatever unethical behaviour or unacceptable activities," said the NGOs.

The NGOs were All Women’s Action Society (AWAM), Centre for Orang Asli Concerns (COAC), Centre for Policy Initiatives (CPI), Institute for Research and Social Advancement (REFSA), Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas (JERIT), Labor Resource Centre (LRC), Malaysia Youth and Student Democratic Movement (DEMA), National Institute of Electoral Intergrity (NIEI), Persatuan Kesedaran Komuniti Selangor (Empower), Persatuan Masyarakat Selangor & Wilayah Persekutuan (PERMAS), Pusat Khidmat Pekerja Tanjung (PKPT), Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) and Youth for Change (Y4C)



On Aug 15 2008, Saiful's "SUMPAH LAKNAT" was witnessed by several people including reporters and media photographers. That fulfills the criterion for presence of witness according to Nakhaie Ahmad, head of Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia.

No need for special witness at Saiful's swearing rite, say Yadim head

BUKIT MERTAJAM( Aug 25, 2008) : The "sumpah laknat" (swearing in the face of divine retribution) by Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan was valid and there is no need for any quarters to raise trivial and technical issues with regard to the rite like the need for a special witness, says the president of the Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia (Yadim), Datuk Mohd Nakhaie Ahmad.

He said Mohd Saiful's willingness to make the "sumpah mubahalah" (swearing in the name of God) indirectly showed that he was in the right and that the accused should do the same to prove that he did not commit the offence as alleged.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who was accused by Mohd Saiful in June of sodomising him, has until today not taken up the challenge from his 23-year-old former aide, to swear whether the allegation was true or not.

Anwar, instead, has given various excuses, including claiming that the swearing rite was not in accordance with Islamic teachings.

Nakhaie, however, said the presence of Mohd Saiful's father, Azlan Mohd Lazim, when he took the oath was sufficient.

"They didn't need to appoint a special witness to hear the oath because even during the time of Prophet Muhammad, the Prophet took along his family when he made a 'sumpah mubahalah', not as witnesses but to prove a truth," Nakhaie who was in Sarawak, said when contacted by Bernama today.

"The Prophet did not go alone but had brought along his loved ones because if what he swore was untrue, divine retribution would befall his family," he explained.

He said Mohd Saiful's way of making the "sumpah laknat" was in order and complete, and should not be disputed by any quarters by bringing in trivial matters which did not affect the rite in the first place.

Furthermore, he said, when Mohd Saiful took the oath at the Federal Territory (FT) Mosque in Kuala Lumpur on Aug 15, it was witnessed by several people including reporters and media photographers.



Bila Izrail datang memanggil
Jasad terbujur di pembaringan
Bila Izrail datang memanggil
Jasad terbujur di pembaringan

Seluruh tubuh akan menggigil
Terkujur badan dan kedinginan
Seluruh tubuh akan menggigil
Terkujur badan dan kedinginan

Tiada lagi gunanya harta
Kawan karib sanak saudara
Tiada lagi gunanya harta
Kawan karib sanak saudara

Jikalau ada amal di dunia
Itulah hanya pembela kita
Jikalau ada amal di dunia
Itulah hanya pembela kita

Janganlah mahu disanjung-sanjung
Engkau digelar manusia agung
Janganlah mahu disanjung-sanjung
Engkau digelar manusia agung

Sedarlah diri tahu diuntung
Sebelum masa keranda diusung
Sedarlah diri tahu diuntung
Sebelum masa keranda diusung

Datang masanya insaflah diri
Selimut putih pembalut badan
Datang masanya insaflah diri
Selimut putih pembalut badan

Tinggal semua yang dikasihi
Berbaktilah hidup sepanjang zaman
Tinggal semua yang dikasihi
Berbaktilah hidup sepanjang zaman

Bila Izrail datang memanggil
Jasad terbujur di pembaringan
Bila Izrail datang memanggil
Jasad terbujur di pembaringan

Seluruh tubuh akan menggigil
Terkujur badan dan kedinginan
Seluruh tubuh akan menggigil
Terkujur badan dan kedinginan



Andai kutahu
Kapan tiba ajalku
Ku akan memohon
Tuhan tolong panjangkan umurku

Andai kutahu
Kapan tiba masaku
Ku akan memohon
Tuhan jangan Kau ambil nyawaku

Aku takut
Akan semua dosa dosaku
Aku takut
Dosa yang terus membayangiku


Andai kutahu
MalaikatMu kan menjemputku
Izinkan aku
Mengucap kata tobat padaMu

Aku takut
Akan semua dosa dosaku
Aku takut
Dosa yang terus membayangiku

Ampuni aku
Dari segala dosa dosaku
Ampuni aku
Menangisku bertobat padaMu

Aku manusia
Yang takut neraka
Namun aku juga
Tak pantas di surga

Andai kutahu
Kapan tiba ajalku
Izinkan aku
Mengucap kata tobat padaMu

Aku takut
Akan semua dosa dosaku
Aku takut
Dosa yang terus membayangiku

Ampuni aku
Dari segala dosa dosaku
Ampuni aku
Menangisku bertobat padaMu

Haaa... Haaaa... Haaa... Haaaa... [2x]



RAMLANG Porigi membuat pengakuan kira-kira enam minit pada ceramah kempen pilihan raya anjuran Pakatan Rakyat di Padang Ibu, Penanti, Permatang Pauh malam tadi.
Sumber: mSTAR online
Dilihat sebagai satu lagi kejutan kempen pilihan raya kecil Permatang Pauh, imam yang menjadi saksi sumpah Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan 15 Ogos lalu, Ustaz Ramlang Porigi muncul di Masjid Perda di sini malam tadi, yang turut dihadiri Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, dan membuat pengakuan sumpah itu tidak sah.

Imam itu membuat pengakuan yang dia telah 'dipaksa' menjadi saksi dan mubahalah dibuat Saiful tidak sah.

Turut hadir di masjid tersebut ketika itu ialah Menteri Besar Kelantan Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat yang juga Mursyidul Am PAS, yang awal-awal lagi telah menegaskan cara Saiful bersumpah adalah salah.

Ramlang berbuat demikian selepas solat maghrib - salah satu acara Anwar pada hari kesembilan berkempen.

Esok ialah hari pengundian pilihan raya kecil kerusi Parlimen Permatang Pauh.

Saiful membuat sumpah sehari sebelum hari penamaan calon di Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan.

Ini merupakan kali pertama Ramlang muncul di khalayak ramai selepas menjadi saksi sumpah laknat Saiful.

Selain di Masjid Perda, Ramlang juga menjelaskan pendiriannya dalam ceramah kempen Anwar, calon Pakatan Rakyat, di Masjid Timah Kg Belah 2, Seberang Jaya dan kemudian di Padang Ibu, Penanti.

Dalam kenyataan di hadapan kira-kira 2,000 penyokong Pakatan Rakyat di Padang Ibu pada pukul 11.15 malam Ramlang berkata, "pada hari itu (15 Ogos) saya... saya diarahkan oleh orang atasan saya untuk menjadi saksi sumpah Saiful Bukhari, saya antara empat orang imam yang diarahkan untuk menjadi saksi."

"Sumpah itu bukan saya yang aturkan, teksnya disediakan oleh peguamnya atau mungkin ada orang lain yang buat itu," katanya dalam kenyataan kira-kira enam minit.

Ramlang yang muncul dalam pakaian biasa malam tadi, bukannya berpakaian sebagai seorang imam secara berseloroh berkata, beliau kelihatan kemas pada 15 Ogos kerana baru sahaja habis menyempurnakan majlis nikah satu pasangan di Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan.

Tambah beliau: "Apabila dia (Saiful) membacakan teks, dia seolah-olah tidak merasa bersalah.

"Kalau kita seorang Islam yang beriman, kalau kita nak bersumpah ini, kita akan takut apa akan terjadi... tetapi kerana teks ucapan yang dibacakan itu, dia tak rasa bersalah."

Katanya lagi, disebabkan teks itu disediakan dalam tulisan rumi, maka sebutan adalah salah dan tarikh perbuatan dia diliwat juga salah.

"Sepatutnya dia sebut 26 Jun, tetapi dia sebut 28 Ogos," katanya yang menegaskan dirinya seorang imam, bukan bilal.

"Saya rasa para pengundi di Permatang Pauh, mungkin ada yang mengenali saya. Jadi, saya berharap jangan saya dipersalahkan... boleh tak," katanya lagi.

Selepas kenyataan itu Ramlang terus dibawa keluar dari tempat ceramah dan diberikan perlindungan oleh Pakatan Rakyat demi keselamatannya.

Dimaklumkan bahawa imam itu akan mengadakan sidang media kira-kira 12.30 tengah malam di Yayasan Aman tetapi bekas Timbalan Perdana Menter itu tidak sertai bersama.

mstar Online difahamkan Ramlang berada bersama rombongan PKR sejak pukul 4 petang semalam.

Sementara ketika ditanya mengapa bertindak membuat pengakuan mengejutkan, Ramlang berkata, beliau berhadapan dengan tekanan ekoran pelbagai melemparkan macam-macam tuduhan yang tidak sepatutnya diterima oleh seorang imam.

"Saya mendapati tiada siapa yang tampil mempertahankan diri saya," katanya.

"Saya dikatakan kurang ajar. Adakah patut saya dicaci," tambah Ramlang pada sidang media yang dihadiri beberapa pemimpin kanan Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) di Yayasan Aman di sini.

Ketika sidang media Anwar baru tiba di Yayasan Aman dan bermesyuarat di tingkat satu pejabat yayasan itu.

Menafikan menerima sebarang ganjaran daripada Pakatan Rakyat, Ramlang berkata, beliau bersedia untuk menerima apa juga tindakan - daripada kerajaan dan Umno - selepas ini.

Katanya, beliau masih merupakan kakitangan kerajaan dan akan terus berkhidmat sebagai imam jika tidak dipecat.

Beliau menyerahkan kepada Umno untuk mengambil tindakan ke atasnya. Beliau menjadi ahli Umno sekitar tahun 2003.

"Boleh katakan saya ahli Umno... saya cuma menjadi ahli Umno kerana hendak tolong kawan," katanya yang akan keluar mengundi esok kerana ia hak beliau untuk berbuat demikian.

"Saya tidak diperalatkan oleh mana-mana pihak... PKR sendiri yang jemput untuk (saya) membuat pengakuan," katanya.

Dalam pada itu, Naib Presiden PKR, Azmin Ali pula berkata, imam berkenaan sendiri yang menghubungi pihaknya memaklumkan bahawa mahu membuat pengakuan mengenai isu tersebut.

"Kami hanya dihubungi beliau (Ramlang) petang ini dan kami setuju," katanya.

Empat hari lalu beliau mengesahkan kepada mStar Online bahawa beliau merupakan ahli Pemuda Umno dengan nombor keahlian 03405843.

Ketika dihubungi mStar Online, Ramlang berkata, beliau merupakan imam yang sah dan bertauliah.





Puteri UMNO Bakri di cabul oleh orang kuat Calon BN sendiri ketika sedang berkempen

Oleh Mawar Berduri

Saya sebagai ahli puteri di Bakri merasa begitu tertekan sekarang atas apa yang berlaku kepada salah seoarang ahli kami semasa sedang berkempen untuk Kamaruddin Suratman Calon BN Dun Sg Abong, Parlimen Bakri Johor.

Harapkan pagar, pagar yang makan padi. Itulah yang berlaku kepada ahli puteri yang bernama Saadah kerana telah di CABUL kehormatan oleh orang kuat calon sendiri yang bernama Abas di dalam kereta semasa dalam perjalanan untuk berkempen dari rumahnya di Kg Kelantan Muar ke Tmn Perdana Muar.

Kami mengharapkan supaya dalam suasana kempen Pillihanraya, Calon dapat menyelesaikan masalah ini dengan sebaiknya, malah dia pun "sama-sama naik" dan menyerahkan kepada anak buahnya untuk menyelesaikan masalah ini, sedangkan kami berhempas pulas berkempen untuknya.

Ingatkan Kak Anum sebagai ketua Puteri UMNO Bahagian Bakri dapatlah mempertahankan anak buahnya, malangnya Saadah telah diberi amaran supaya tidak menghebahkan ataupun membuat laporan polis. TIdak cukup setakat itu Saadah telah dituduh yang bukan-bukan seolah-olahnya dialah yang menggoda Abas pula.

Saadah juga telah dipecat dari Puteri UMNO dan namanya telah dibuang dari keahlian Puteri. Saya tidak tahu apakah lagi yang akan berlaku selepas ini. Siapakah lagi yang dapat membela nasib kami sekiranya perkara seperti ini berlaku kepada kami hanya semata-mata mahu menyelamatkan maruah seseoarng individu.

Kami ingin menekankan disini bahawa ahli Puteri masih lagi mempunyai maruah dan harga diri, bukannya menjadi alat pemuas nafsu.

Saya harapkan ahli Puteri di luar sana terutamanya di Johor agar berani memperjuangkan dan mempertahankan hak dan maruah kita. Diharapkan kepada Kak Noraini yang berada di Parlimen Parit Sulong dapatlah menjengok kat kami di sini.

Bersama ini disertakan laporan polis yang telah dibuat oleh Saadah. Saya tuliskan semula laporan yang telah dibuat Saadah untuk kita semua mudah membacanya kerana susahnya laporan ini hendak dikeluar.

Mawar Berduri
Ahli Puteri Bakri

Laporan Polis yang di taip semula :-

"Pada 27/2/2008 jam l/kurang 9 malam saya telah menaiki m/kar yang menjemput saya dirumah alamat di atas untuk pergi ke bilik gerakan umno di tmn perdana muar. Dalam kereta tersebut saya bersama 2 lagi lelaki salah seorang daripadanya bernama Abas dan dalam perjalanan ke tmn perdana Abas telah menghulur tangannya seperti mahu bersalam kepada saya yang duduk di belakang dan saya menyambut salam tangannya dan kemudian abas telah meraba-raba bahagian peha saya dan sehingga menyentuh kemaluan saya. Saya berkata kepada Abas sekiranya masih meraba saya mahu terjun dari kereta. Kemudian saya telah mengadu perkara tersebut pada Abang Dolah iaitu pemuda umno tetapi Abang Dolah beritahu supaya tidak membesarkan isu ini dan tidak menghiraukan aduan saya. Saya juga dapat tahu nama sudah tiada dalam senarai puteri umno. Ketua Puteri umno bahagian nama Anum juga ada memberi amaran supaya saya tidak beritahu perkara tersebut pada orang dan membuat laporan polis serta menuduh saya yang bukan-bukan. Saya tidak berpuashati dengan tindakan Abas yang mencabul saya. Inilah laporan saya."




A Bomb scare in Puteri UMNO operation room turned out to be rolls of twin wrapping paper which were placed in a waist pouch on a table.

PERMATANG PAUH BY-ELECTION: Obejct in puteri umno room not a bomb, say police


BUKIT MERTAJAM, (Aug 24, 2008) : At the height of the Permatang Pauh parliamentary by-election, an object that resembled a bomb was found in the operations room of Puteri Umno in Jalan Tanah Liat, near here, last night.

The incident which occurred at about midnight, had resulted in traffic congestion in both directions along Jalan Tanah Liat as a police team comprising personnel from the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU), traffic branch, special unit and the Bomb Detection Unit closed the area near the operations room to carry out an investigation.

The police bomb disposal unit this morning confirmed that the object concerned was not a bomb but four rolls of twin wrapping paper which were placed in a waist pouch on a table in the Puteri Umno operations room.

The Permatang Pauh By-Election Police Media Relations Officer, Supt Shaharon Anuar Abdul Latif said: "The four rolls of paper were tied to a bottle containing spirit, which is an inflammable liquid, and looks like a bomb."

The irresponsible act was believed to be an attempt to scare the election workers in the Puteri Umno operations room, he said at a press conference, here today.

Shaharon Anuar said the Bomb Disposal Unit destroyed the object, and police were now carrying out further investigation on the matter.

Meanwhile, Puteri Umno head Datuk Noraini Ahmad, who was at the operations room early this morning, said this was the first case that a (fake) bomb was planted in an attempt to sabotage the efforts of Puteri Umno in helping the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah in his campaign.

The by-election on Tuesday will see a three-cornered fight between Arif Shah, the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, and Angkatan Keadilan Insan Malaysia president Hanafi Mamat.

Noraini said the incident had "inspired us to continue to assist the BN and we are puzzled why this irresponsible group wants to scare women in the BN."

Meanwhile, Wanita Umno vice-head Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said at a press conference here that the room of the Wanita Umno information head, Datin Paduka Seripah Noli Syed Hussin, at the Summit Hotel near here, had been broken into and two laptop computers belonging to Wanita Umno which contained important information on the Permatang Pauh parliamentary by-election were also missing.

Expressing regret at the incident which occurred at about 2am today, she said: "I believe it has to something to do with politics because they only took the laptops whereas other items and money were not taken."

"They are hard-pressed for information and know that Wanita Umno have done their work in gathering information on the by-election," she told reporters after visiting the Wanita Umno operations room at Taman Pauh, here.

Shahrizat said a police report on the theft had been made and hoped that the suspect could be tracked down immediately.



Majlis Peguam
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Circular No. 212/2008
12 August 2008

To All Members of the Malaysian Bar and Pupils in Chambers

Bar Council Malaysia - University Technology MARA (UiTM) Human Rights Debate 2008

9-12 December 2008
“UDHR @ 60 and still not all is right”

This year, in conjunction with Human Rights Day on 10 December 2008 and the 60th anniversary
of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948, the Human Rights Committee (HRC) has
decided that we need not walk. We should talk. With University Technology MARA, we will be
co-organising a unique ‘Human Rights Debate’ tournament which seeks to attract participants
from universities and schools, as well as members of the public to debate the theme “UDHR @
60 and still not all is right”.

This debate is probably the first in the world to be hosted by a legal professional body and a
public university. It is a key objective of the tournament to promote human rights awareness in
our country. We seek to attract more than 300 debaters from around the world. We hope that the
Debate will help bridge ethnic, linguistic and cultural gaps to foster respect and understanding on
various rights-related issues in the country. It should also be the preferred platform for the
discussion of international and national policies.
The Debate will take the form of the British Parliamentary style where there will be 2 debaters on
each team with opening and closing arguments by the “Government” and opening and closing
arguments by the “Opposition”. Each debater is allocated 7 minutes. There will be 5 preliminary
rounds, quarter-finals, semi-finals and the grand final.





1. Sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa Jemaah Menteri yang bermesyuarat pada 13
Februari 2008 lalu telah bersetuju membenarkan graduan-graduan perubatan
dari institusi yang tidak diiktiraf diberi kelonggaran menyambung pengajian
secara pindah kredit ke institusi yang diiktiraf.

. Ini bertujuan membantu sekitar 250 hingga 300 orang graduan perubatan
lulusan institusi tidak diiktiraf, terutama sekali mereka yang telah kehabisan
peluang menduduki Ujian Kelayakan Perubatan di bawah Akta Perubatan

3. Walau bagaimana pun, Kabinet memutuskan keistimewaan ini diberi tertakluk
kepada syarat-syarat berikut sahaja:

3.1. Bagi mengikuti pengajian di institusi pengajian perubatan yang diiktiraf di
dalam atau di luar negara sahaja sebagaimana tersenarai di dalam
Jadual Kedua, Akta Perubatan 1971;

3.2. Permohonan yang lengkap perlu dikemukakan kepada Majlis Perubatan
Malaysia (MPM) pada atau sebelum 31 Disember 2008;

3.3. Setiap permohonan perlu disertakan bukti tawaran masuk ke institusi
yang diiktiraf;

3.4. Setiap calon perlu mendapat kebenaran bertulis daripada MPM sebelum
mengikuti pengajian;

3.5. MPM berhak menolak permohonan yang diterima selepas 31 Disember
2008, tidak lengkap atau dianggap sebagai tidak layak;

3.6. Graduan perlu mengikuti dan lulus pengajian untuk tempoh tidak kurang
dari satu tahun di peringkat praklinikal dan dua tahun diperingkat klinikal;

3.7. Keistimewaan ini terbuka kepada graduan lulusan institusi tidak diiktiraf
pada atau sebelum 31 Disember 2007 tanpa mengira sama ada masih
mempunyai atau telah kehabisan peluang menduduki ujian kelayakan;

3.8. Keistimewaan ini terbuka kepada warganegara Malaysia, pemegang
pemaustatin tetap dan keluarga terdekat mereka sahaja;

3.9. Pihak institusi yang menerima graduan pula perlu memastikan pengambilan
calon yang memanfaatkan keistimewaan pindah kredit ini sama
sekali tidak menjejaskan kualiti pengajian seperti melanggar nisbah
tenaga pengajar : pelajar, mengambil pelajar melebihi kuota yang
ditetapkan dan sebagainya;

3.10. Kelonggaran ini diberikan secara one-off sahaja; dan

3.11. Calon yang tidak memenuhi mana-mana syarat di atas tidak layak
diterima mendaftar. Mereka perlu menduduki dan lulus Ujian Kelayakan
Perubatan di bawah Akta Perubatan 1971, sekiranya masih ada
peluang, untuk diterima mendaftar.

4. Walau bagaimana pun, diatas dasar keprihatinan, pada awal Jun 2008, YB
Menteri Kesihatan kemudiannya bersetuju memendekkan tempoh latihan
tersebut kepada 18 (Lapan Belas) bulan sahaja.

5. Walau pun tempoh latihan tersebut telah dipendekkan, namun, kesemua
syarat lain di perenggan 3 diatas masih dikekalkan.

6. Saya juga mengambil kesempatan ini untuk menjelaskan beberapa perkara

6.1. Adalah menjadi tanggung-jawab mereka yang berminat memanfaatkan
keistimewaan pindah kredit ini untuk mengurus sendiri kemasukan ke
mana-mana institusi pilihannya;

6.2. Selaras dengan peruntukkan tertentu dibawah Akta Perubatan 1971,
graduan yang memanfaatkan keistimewaan ini perlu mengemukakan
ijazah dari institusi yang diiktiraf apabila memohon berdaftar dengan
MPM kelak. Ini bermakna mereka perlu mengikuti pengajian sehingga
jayanya dan dianugerah ijazah oleh institusi tersebut; dan

6.3. Pihak institusi berhak menetap sebarang syarat dan peraturan berkaitan
kriteria kemasukan, kadar bayaran, kurikulum/program pengajian,
peperiksaan dan sebagainya. Mereka yang berminat dinasihatkan untuk
merujuk perkara berkaitan terus kepada pihak institusi yang berkenaan.

7. Saya menyarankan mereka yang berminat untuk memanfaatkan sepenuhnya
keistimewaan ini dengan kadar segera.

8. Untuk keterangan lanjut, sila hubungi pegawai-pegawai MPM berikut:

8.1. Dr. Wan Mazlan bin Mohamed Woojdy – 03 8883 1400;

8.2. Dr. Muhd. Yazuran Sallij Muhd. Yassin – 03 8883 1401.

8.3. Dr. Karen Sharmini – 03 2694 7920; atau

8.4. En. Perumal a/l Chinaya – 03 2694 7920.

Sekian. Terima kasih.

Yang Ikhlas,


Yang Di Pertua.

Tarikh: 25 Jun 2008.


1. As decided by the Cabinet at its meeting held on 13 February 2008, medical
graduates from unrecognized institutions are now given the privilege to pursue
their studies by means of a credit transfer to recognized medical institutions.
2. The purpose of this privilege is to aid the 250 to 300 medical graduates from
unrecognized institutions, especially those who have exhausted their chances
of sitting for the Medical Qualifying Examination under the Medical Act 1971.
3. However, the Cabinet also agreed that this privilege should only be given
subject to the following conditions:
3.1. To be conducted in recognized medical teaching institutions both local
and abroad as listed in the Second Schedule of the Medical Act 1971;
3.2. Completed applications should be submitted to the Malaysian Medical
Council (MMC) on or before 31 December 2008;
3.3. Applications should include proof of acceptance from the intended
recognized institutions;
3.4. All applicants should obtain a written consent from the MMC before
proceeding with the credit transfer;
3.5. MMC reserves the right to reject applications received after 31 December
2008, which are incomplete, or which are deemed unsuitable;
3.6. Applicants are to follow the medical programme of the recognized
institution for a period of not less than one year in the pre-clinical phase
and not less than two years in the clinical phase and passed the exams
conducted thereof;
3.7. This privilege is open to medical graduates from unrecognized institutions
who obtained their degrees on or before 31 December 2007 regardless of
the number of attempts made in the Medical Qualifying Examination;
3.8. This privilege is open to Malaysians, holders of Malaysian permanent
resident status or their immediate family members;
3.9. The accepting medical institution must ensure that the intake of these
applicants do not in any way compromise the quality of education such as
violating the accepted teacher : student ratio or the approved student
intake quota;
3.10. This privilege is only offered as a one-off exercise;
3.11. Applicants who do not fulfill any of the conditions stated above will not be
accepted for registration and will have to sit for the Medical Qualifying
Examination (if still eligible), before being accepted to register with the
4. However, with the interests of these graduates at heart, the Minister of Health
has agreed that the required period of training (mentioned in para 3.6. above),
be shortened to a period of eighteen (18) months.
5. Nevertheless, all other conditions stated in para 3 above are still in effect.
6. I would also like to clarify the following:
6.1. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to secure a seat in any
recognized institution of their choice;
6.2. As per the Medical Act 1971, graduates taking advantage of this privilege
must provide the medical degrees from recognized institution when
applying for registration with the MMC in future. This means that they will
need to follow the programme and successfully awarded with the medical
6.3. The intended institution has the right to impose any conditions or rules
regarding entrance criteria, dues, curriculum/programme, examinations
and so forth. Interested applicants are advised to check with the
institutions of their choice directly.
7. I encourage interested applicants to take full advantage of this privilege without
8. Further information may be obtained from the following MMC officers:
8.1. Dr. Wan Mazlan bin Mohamed Woojdy – 03 8883 1400;
8.2. Dr. Muhammad Yazuran Sallij Muhd Yasin – 03 8883 1401;
8.3. Dr. Karen Sharmini – 03 2694 7920; or
8.4. Mr. Perumal a/l Chinaya – 03 2694 7920.
Thank you.
Date: 25 June 2008.





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