Pray For MH370

Pray For MH370


In the midst of anger, suspense, desperation, depression spreading fast amongst the relatives and friends of passengers and crews of MAS AIRLINES MH370, it is understandable that many people will resort to all kind of ways to vent their anger  or emotional turmoils that they are going through to undergo this trying time.
Tears are common and very understandable and even acceptable. Harsh words may spring from uncontrollable emotions.
The opportunistic may show their 'uncalled for talents' to obtain popularity from the ready and hopeful crowd.

Sanity is difficult in those circumstances except to those who have trained themselves to self discipline, big picture thinking,crisis management skills, people handling,communication and interaction skills and most importantly FAITH IN THE ALMIGHTY.
Convinced that if He wills so be it! Kun fa yakun!

Thus. self retraint during the most difficult times is testimony to a person's character. Putting 'mouth brakes' when provoked to scream his head off and utter the most embarassing words and display uncivilzed actions needs hands-on practice. It doesn't come with ease. With practice insya Allah.

So, the mystery surrounding the fate of MH370 is a real test of man's Spiritual Quotient, Physical(technology) Quotient, Intellectual Quotient, Emotional Quotient and Social Quotient(social responsibility-beyond self) or S.P.I.E.S QUOTIENT.

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