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Saturday April 12, 2008

Dr Halimah’s life can be an inspiration to many


My ADUN: Selat Kelang

Full name: Dr Halimah Ali
Party: PAS
Age: 47
Marital Status: Married to Dr Ahmad Supian
Children: Six children aged between 15 and 28 – Dr Muhammad Imran, Dr Siti Khadejah, Abdullah, Abdur Rahman Al Hafiz, Abdur Rahim Al Hafiz, Syahidah
Education: Bachelor Med.Sc. and MBBS from Tasmania University, Australia.
Profession: Formerly medical practitioner, now state exco member and full-time politician
Constituency: Selat Kelang

SELAT KELANG state assemblyman Dr Halimah Ali’s life story is so interesting that it can be inspiration for a best seller.

Besides being posted to many places during her career as a government physician, Dr Halimah has also served as a medical officer in many missions to disaster-riddled and war-torn places around the world.

Also equally interesting is the personal life of the Sarawak-born Dr Halimah, who has two families whom she loves and cares for equally.

“I was born to Chinese parents but was given away soon after birth to a Malay family as my biological parents were poor,’’ said Dr Halimah, who is one of the three PAS representatives in the state exco line-up.

She added that she never knew that she was an adopted child until she was about to leave for Tasmania, Australia to do her matriculation at the age of 17.

Ironically, her biological parents also lived in the same kampung where she and her adoptive parents lived.

Dr Halimah, who is also a Selangor state exco member, said she had given up her medical practice to become a full-time politician.

She added that her priority now would be to look into whatever issues faced by her constituents that were not settled by the constituency’s previous state assemblyman.

StarMetro: How much time do you spend on the computer?

Dr Halimah: About four hours a day

StarMetro: Do you blog?

Dr Halimah: Yes

StarMetro: Do you have a website?

Dr Halimah: Yes.

StarMetro: Do you play a musical instrument, dance or sing?

Dr Halimah: I don’t play any musical instruments or dance but I sing with my husband and children for fun and entertainment.

StarMetro: What kind of music do you listen to? Name a favourite song.

Dr Halimah: Nasyid. Teman Sejati by a group called Brothers.

StarMetro: What do you read? What was the last book you read?

Dr Halimah: I read have almost everything under the sun but have a liking for books on politics and management. Can’t remember what I last read.

StarMetro: Are you into English Premier League football? What’s your team and favourite player?

Dr Halimah: No.

StarMetro: If not football, what’s your favourite sport?

Dr Halimah: Badminton and bowling.

StarMetro: Coffee or tea? Name your brew.

Dr Halimah: Tea. Chinese Tea.

StarMetro: Got a nickname? How did it come about?

Dr Halimah: No

StarMetro: What languages can you speak?

Dr Halimah: English, Bahasa Malaysia, Iban, Kenyah and a little Arabic, Hokkien and Cantonese.

StarMetro: What is the gadget you can’t do without?

Dr Halimah: Handphone.

StarMetro: What’s your favourite food?

Dr Halimah: Curry Mee

StarMetro: Do you have a cat?

Dr Halimah: My home is a welfare home for cats. Many cats just come and go as they wish.

StarMetro: What car do you drive and how long have you had it?

Dr Halimah: I now drive a Kyron SUV, which I bought about two months ago; I was driving a Pajero for about 10 years before that.

StarMetro: What is your contribution to environmental conservation?

Dr Halimah: I try to educate my children on conservation and the importance of not polluting our environment.

StarMetro: Name an idol (dead or alive) that you look up to and why?

Dr Halimah: PAS spiritual adviser and Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat because he is a humble intellectual.

StarMetro: Any phobia? Scared of spiders, enclosed spaces, etc?

Dr Halimah: No.

StarMetro: Favourite actor, and why

Dr Halimah: None.

StarMetro: Favourite actress, and why.

Dr Halimah: None.

StarMetro: If there is one thing you wish to change in the country, what would it be?

Dr Halimah: The attitude of the Federal Government, which is reflected in the attitudes of some people and vice versa.

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